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I’m so glad you stumbled upon my blog! As life takes its many twists and turns, I have been inspired to begin sharing along the way. I am a girly-girl who doesn’t mind dirt under her fingernails, and I jump at any chance to smell like a horse. I grew up on a beautiful seventy-acre ranch built by my great grandfather, father and maternal grandfather (my beloved "Pa"), and I am pretty sure I carried a handbag to the barn at age four. I have long settled close to where I grew up, in the beautiful upstate NY town of Ithaca.

I am currently working from home after back surgery removed me from the outside work environment as well as, sadly, off the backs of previously mentioned adored horses. I have decided to claim this as my time to do a few things I truly enjoy, like share with others (my mother taught me well), design and decorate not only my husband’s and my humble home but offer inspiration to others, and something I truly love to do—write. I prefer putting pen to paper, making a handwritten list, and mailing a letter or card to a loved one. I have an embarrassing amount of stationery and paper products (although greatly organized!). Is there such a thing as stationery hoarding?

Youll find that I love searching for that special bargain, and I am NOT a believer in the “If it costs more, it’s better” mentality. My best shopping companion besides my mother (I learned all my tips from her!) is my husband, David. We married in 2007, and for most of that time it has been just the two of us and our adored, very intelligent (and at times psychotic) Airedale named Gracie, and recent addition to our family, Shelby (even more psychotic). We cherish visits with David’s grown children (and two adorable grandchildren!), as well as with my two nieces, Breanna and Rachel, who are the daughters I never had. I love them more than lipgloss, decorating, horses or handbags, and that’s saying something.

Even though I am in my late thirties, I still play with makeup, which means you will see occasional beauty posts. My outlook on makeup can be summed up with a quote by Audrey Hepburn: “Makeup can only help you look pretty on the outside, but it doesn’t help if you’re ugly on the inside. Unless you eat the makeup.” And yes, in the photo above, that is a cloth napkin on my head placed by my then fiancé, now husband (in a somewhat fancy restaurant) . . . because I think silly fun and snort-laughter equals beauty.

If this sounds fun, please follow along! As we become cyber friends, I’ll be sharing with you posts on decor, great finds, budget-friendly tips, ideas for organization, random beauty posts, and writings on life that may (warning!) cause tears from laughing as well as occasional crying.

“Not My Eternal Home” means to me exactly what it implies . . . that this is not my eternal home, that Christ is preparing a place for us more beautiful than any home any one of us could design or decorate. The best is yet to be . . . but let’s enjoy and take advantage of each moment along the way.


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